The week ends and begins with (GREAT) cinema

Hello everyone,

I haven’t written in a little while, and although you may be used to my long absences, this was due to a fair motive. I had three essays due in last week and my brain needed the weekend to recover, it was a tough time for both of us…

Of course one my recipes for a GREAT weekend is GREAT films. And by great, I don’t mean anything specific, just what I’m feeling that day – Katherine Heigl films are rarely included.

This weekend I had the pleasure of watching these two amazing films:

Gangster Squad vs. Beasts of the Southern Wild

Two opposites. Glamour in L.A. vs. poverty in southern Louisiana. Fighting crime vs. surviving Mother Nature and life.

Gangster Squad

Let’s start with Gangster Squad (even though I watched BOTSW first). This film entertained me to the maximum, I was practically punching the air in the cinema, trying to help out the fellas. The storyline is good, and in my opinion, it helped that it is based on true events because I feel like it’s sort of a history lesson (just let me be, ok? :p). Basically, a few good men go after the bad guys with a very hot romance taking place in the middle of it all (talking to you Stone) and loads – LOADS – of shooting and all sorts of fighting. I love seeing a good fight between good and evil, and I still laughed hard, which is always a plus.

The Beasts of the Southern Wild

The Beasts of the Southern Wild¬†is like nothing I’ve seen so far. I was actually a bit disoriented whilst watching it because I honestly had no idea what was going on (you’ll understand if you watch it). But then I paused the film and saw how it was categorised and boom, mystery solved. This is a mixture of drama and FANTASY and the latter explains a lot. It portrays the world of a little girl through her own eyes, so it will not make sense unless you keep that in mind. Even though slightly depressing if you’re having a bad day, it can teach you a lesson about freedom and love. Not everything has to be conventional, we don’t all have to live under the laws someone decided to create. And who’s to say how or where we should live our life? These were some of the thoughts that I had after watching this film, but it may have a different effect on you, there’s no shortage of ‘serious’ issues here. It’s not a film I would watch to unwind but it is a beautiful film nonetheless. And how cute is Hushpuppy? Just remember, keep an open mind.


Two different films to be watched on different occasions and that have different effects. It’s all about timing guys!

Have a great week everyone!