Oh the grammys… Best dressed crown!

And once again I was a bad girl and not a good blogger, shame on me… but I can’t help it, there’s just too much going on. Let’s see: dissertation, working for the students’ newspaper, working in a new magazine, a very ‘out-of-my-confort- zone’ module (Chinese Politics!), the Portuguese society, etc etc… Oh dear!

But anyway, I do have time to watch TV and read the news. And the Grammys happened!

The Grammys

Any thoughts on the best dressed?

I loved Beyoncé’s pantsuit, very classy and trendy – see the monochrome?

She was wearing OSMAN by Osman Yousefzada.

All Hail the Queen…


As for Taylor Swift, I’m not too sure, it all seems a bit white on white. But she does look very pretty.


J-Lo forgot her class at home apparently, too much skin…

jlo grammys

… but it’s definitely an improvement since 2000. What was Donatella thinking?


However, ladies and gentleman, the winner is…



I’m honestly not a big fan of the lady, but this vintage Alaia black dress… I love it! Maybe it was the performance working its magic too but still… do you agree?


I also liked her dress for the actual event, it appears she’s becoming a lady. Who knew that could ever happen? Let’s just hope Chris Brown doesn’t ruin things.


Mariana x


Long time no see | Project Cinderela

And once again, it has been a while since I wrote here. I blame the holidays – family, food, tv, more food – you get the picture.

I’ve started a project recently: my own dress. I’ll have a ball in March at my university and after searching for dresses in various websites, I came to the conclusion they were all very expensive and the ones that weren’t I hated. As my mum works with factories making clothes, I found a way of making my own dress for the ball. I won’t actually make it, but I will have a say in the design without the price of haute couture.

I’ll show you the dresses soon, still getting the hang of bloody photoshop!