New blog!

I am now blogging from a different blog,

Hope to see you there!





Today is the greatest

Today was a great day.

Things just seem to be strangely falling in to place, which is scary but reassuring at the same time.

This blog is starting to make sense to me, starting be a part of my life, still very small but playing a role all the same.

I attended a series of seminars hosted by The Manchester Fashion Network today, on Making It in Design, Fashion Marketing, etc. I’m preparing a post so expect tips on how to make it in the fierce world of fashion.

I also finished writing an article for the Students’ Newspaper that I feel really proud of. It’s about a real issue on campus, so it’s kind of like reporting in the real world. Exciting!

Hope all of you feel good today! If not, maybe Smashing Pumpkins will cheer you up.




Harlem Shake… by models!

Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn and Rosie Tapner joined the Harlem Shake trend. Watch the girls go crazy… it’s epic!

Mariana x

Life is but a Dream

Beyoncé is definitely one of my girl crushes, hence my excitment when I found out she made a documentary about her life!

It may be considered slightly egocentric – I confess I thought that too – but I understood the point when I watched the trailer.

Curious to see it?


Long time no see | Project Cinderela

And once again, it has been a while since I wrote here. I blame the holidays – family, food, tv, more food – you get the picture.

I’ve started a project recently: my own dress. I’ll have a ball in March at my university and after searching for dresses in various websites, I came to the conclusion they were all very expensive and the ones that weren’t I hated. As my mum works with factories making clothes, I found a way of making my own dress for the ball. I won’t actually make it, but I will have a say in the design without the price of haute couture.

I’ll show you the dresses soon, still getting the hang of bloody photoshop!



My first real post!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my first real post – and by real I mean my first post related to what I’m really here for. Hope you like it! 😉

Because I’m still getting the hang of taking pictures good enough to make an appearance in the blogosphere, this is still not a full look, but a few pictures of little details that made me feel special throughout the week.


Pandora charm

This is the charm my boyfriend gave me on my birthday. It is a Pandora charm meant for the bracelet, but I love to wear it in one of my necklaces (not Pandora). I had already worn this jumper, even though it is fairly new, so I felt like I needed something to give me that special feeling for the day, and the charm did the job. I didn’t even mind wearing my hair in a pony tail that day, something that usually makes me feel less confident.


Rimmel – 239 Your majesty

The name is Your Majesty and now I understand why. I absolutely love this colour for my nails and it gave a different touch to everything I wore. I still have it on, it lasts for quite a while!


I wonder if Queen Elizabeth II has one?

This was just a quick post to deflower my blog (good metaphor?). Incredible how little things make such a difference, right? Never stop doing the things that make you feel like a princess, it helps when a crappy day comes along.



Meet me

Hello to all my fellow bloggers,

My name is Mariana and I study something related to communication (course name’s too complicated, trust me), hoping to become a journalist someday. Serious journalism was always what I wanted since I was little, broadcasting to be exact, but things turned out slightly different so far.

I’m interested in fashion and beauty, so I thought I could gain some experience by blogging about it. I already follow some fashion blogs, mainly portuguese because I come from that place in the edge of Europe, and I love reading them and see the pictures they take. If they can do it, so can I? Positive thinking!

I already have a blog called all i see, focused on my ramblings, my adventures in photography and random stuff in general. My first blogging experience wasn’t great due to lack of time and, if I’m being honest, interest – I’m hoping this one will go better.

I just want to clarify one more thing  – even though I try to keep up to date with all the new trends in the fashion world, do not expect me to rush and buy something just because it’s in. I will, or hope to, keep true to myself and my style – not even sure if I have a characteristic one – but I do like to experiment new things every once in a while.

A bit about me now

Portuguese and proud, studying in England and loving it. Loves to travel, but destination check list isn’t long and a bit random actually: France, Tunisia, Sri Lanka and England (obvs). Likes to dream big, because if you don’t ask, you don’t get and not even the sky is the limit.

Sorry for being so long but I felt like I owed an explanation as to why I started a fashion blog. And here you have it!