Today is the greatest

Today was a great day.

Things just seem to be strangely falling in to place, which is scary but reassuring at the same time.

This blog is starting to make sense to me, starting be a part of my life, still very small but playing a role all the same.

I attended a series of seminars hosted by The Manchester Fashion Network today, on Making It in Design, Fashion Marketing, etc. I’m preparing a post so expect tips on how to make it in the fierce world of fashion.

I also finished writing an article for the Students’ Newspaper that I feel really proud of. It’s about a real issue on campus, so it’s kind of like reporting in the real world. Exciting!

Hope all of you feel good today! If not, maybe Smashing Pumpkins will cheer you up.





Touring the UK | Oxford + First Outfit

Hello everyone,

So as you might or might not know, I am a portuguese girl studying full-time in the UK, more precisely in the beautiful city of Manchester.

Its is now my third year living in England, and I already feel like this is kind of my second home, which is really weird because Brits and Portuguese are two very different species.

As my time here is (probably) limited as I plan to live in other countries (fingers crossed!), I visit different cities every chance I have, hence the new category called ‘Touring the UK’!

This time I went to Oxford, and here are some photos…


My outfit for a day in Oxford



Here’s the shop Lewis Carroll wrote about in ‘Through the looking Glass’. Very very expensive souvenirs…

Alice in Wonderland (super expensive) shop


Oxford is a beautiful small city but our weekend was spoiled by the non stopping rain. I’m sure I’d have loved it if I had been able to walk around without the constant unpleasant presence of my umbrella, but it was still very nice to look for refuge in the little shops and cafés.

My favourite was Georgina’s, in the Covered Market, because it was like nothing I had ever seen. The decoration was all hippie-ish and I felt so comfortable there. There was nothing pretentious about it, unlike some coffee shops I’ve encountered in the past, and I didn’t get any dirty looks from regular hipsters.




The cake shop is also in the Covered Market, where you can see how they bake and decorate the cakes through the glass.

Little cake for Valentine's day

Little cake for Valentine’s day


Valentine’s cake


The most amazing wedding cake ever!

I also visited the bookshops there, because hanging around next to Oxford students is just too much pressure.



Blackwell was huge, and I found a very interesting book in the second hand shelves. I bought it because it was written by a Portuguese nun called Mariana! Haven’t read it yet though…


Have you visited Oxford? If not, please do, it’s beautiful!



Harlem Shake… by models!

Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn and Rosie Tapner joined the Harlem Shake trend. Watch the girls go crazy… it’s epic!

Mariana x

Life is but a Dream

Beyoncé is definitely one of my girl crushes, hence my excitment when I found out she made a documentary about her life!

It may be considered slightly egocentric – I confess I thought that too – but I understood the point when I watched the trailer.

Curious to see it?


Oh the grammys… Best dressed crown!

And once again I was a bad girl and not a good blogger, shame on me… but I can’t help it, there’s just too much going on. Let’s see: dissertation, working for the students’ newspaper, working in a new magazine, a very ‘out-of-my-confort- zone’ module (Chinese Politics!), the Portuguese society, etc etc… Oh dear!

But anyway, I do have time to watch TV and read the news. And the Grammys happened!

The Grammys

Any thoughts on the best dressed?

I loved Beyoncé’s pantsuit, very classy and trendy – see the monochrome?

She was wearing OSMAN by Osman Yousefzada.

All Hail the Queen…


As for Taylor Swift, I’m not too sure, it all seems a bit white on white. But she does look very pretty.


J-Lo forgot her class at home apparently, too much skin…

jlo grammys

… but it’s definitely an improvement since 2000. What was Donatella thinking?


However, ladies and gentleman, the winner is…



I’m honestly not a big fan of the lady, but this vintage Alaia black dress… I love it! Maybe it was the performance working its magic too but still… do you agree?


I also liked her dress for the actual event, it appears she’s becoming a lady. Who knew that could ever happen? Let’s just hope Chris Brown doesn’t ruin things.


Mariana x