My first real post!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my first real post – and by real I mean my first post related to what I’m really here for. Hope you like it! 😉

Because I’m still getting the hang of taking pictures good enough to make an appearance in the blogosphere, this is still not a full look, but a few pictures of little details that made me feel special throughout the week.


Pandora charm

This is the charm my boyfriend gave me on my birthday. It is a Pandora charm meant for the bracelet, but I love to wear it in one of my necklaces (not Pandora). I had already worn this jumper, even though it is fairly new, so I felt like I needed something to give me that special feeling for the day, and the charm did the job. I didn’t even mind wearing my hair in a pony tail that day, something that usually makes me feel less confident.


Rimmel – 239 Your majesty

The name is Your Majesty and now I understand why. I absolutely love this colour for my nails and it gave a different touch to everything I wore. I still have it on, it lasts for quite a while!


I wonder if Queen Elizabeth II has one?

This was just a quick post to deflower my blog (good metaphor?). Incredible how little things make such a difference, right? Never stop doing the things that make you feel like a princess, it helps when a crappy day comes along.